The officialrepresentative.

We are the official and only representation of IAAI.COM in Azerbaijan. Years of experience in this field allow us to achieve high quality services in the field of car purchase.


All our cars are insured against damage or loss.


We make a contract with individuals and legal entities. By signing a contract with us, you can be sure that all the necessary services will be provided at the highest level.


Track your car along the entire route to the port of arrival. We monitor the movement of the car at all stages of freight transportation and provide our customers with up-to-date information. All of our customers have the ability to independently track the movement of the car


We assist in choosing a car. With us to pick a car is much easier, faster and more profitable ! To choose and buy independently – it is a difficult and responsible job. Lots of factors to consider. There are too many specific nuances, which need to be completely immersed in, so as not to make a mistake. There are too many subtleties to understand.