Checking the car by V’N code. Only for cars from the U.S. and Canada: Enter the car’s VIN number to check its history of accident, number of owners, service history, real mileage, etc.

CarFax’s Vin Report for Customers of zAA Motors

Buying a car from the U.S., you need to make sure of its condition and history. This can be done with the Carfax report. Carfax is a national database that provides information on all vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.

What is Carfax? Why the Carfax report?

What is Carfax? Why does carfax report?
Carfax – a complete summary of information on the car, which is bought in the U.S. The report is used to understand those machines that are in very poor condition, have a “dark” history, as well as to understand the condition of the machine, which is impossible to estimate by photo. This report contains absolutely all the data on the car, from calls to the service, ending with data about accidents and even police protocols. All data in the report comes from service stations, car dealerships, insurance companies, government agencies, police, etc. In other words, the report contains all possible information on the car, which is available only with the VIN code of the car. The Carfax report is paid and costs $4.95

Terms in CarFax

Branded Title: Salvage – says that the car after an accident and has technical damage. Note. Auctions assign various certificates(Salvage, Clean title, etc.)to cars, depending on the type of damage and legal documents on the car. Therefore, there may be different values in Branded Title.
Damage Report – Damage Report
Previous owners – number of owners
At least one open recall – speaks of at least one recall campaign from the automaker.
Types of owners – a type of car ownership. Cars can be auctioned after personal use, and those used in taxi services, police, delivery services, etc.
Last report odometer reading – the last indication of the mileage of the car