Welcome to IAA MOTORS Azerbaijan, we are the official representative of one of the largest Insurance Auto Auctions in Baku, offering all types of car purchases in the United States.
Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc., the largest network of sites, the largest customer base and the highest earner among claimants. It is the leading retailer in North America. All our efforts are focused on the sale of used cars, and on our 150 sites across the United States and Canada, sellers and buyers can find the best solution for renting a wide range of rental cars: completely abandoned, returned, rented, surrendered, or crashed. Our combined auction scheme (implemented live and online), along with a defined customer base and many lots, generates a record profit for each sale. In this area, we have collected the most comprehensive data on vehicle auctions that have been discarded for over 25 years.
We offer our services to get a car with maximum savings and security for the specified parameters. We give you information on purchasing a car, choosing auctions, participating in auctions, handing over cars and customs clearance to Azerbaijan.
By buying a car with us, you can save up to 40% of your expenses, avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs, because of our many years of experience in the process of choosing and inspecting a car.